About Us

At the heart of Toys N' More, it is the belief that play is more powerful than we think. It excites us, teaches us, and overall motivates us. It’s essential for both children and adults continually better ourselves and enjoyments. We must bring the joy of play to everyone. From the way we source the best toys on the market, to the process of finding the right product for your family, we’re proudly operating as a family. From family to family, we serve yours. We started as a family business, and our values lead us. 15 plus years later, the values upon which we instill into Toys N' More remain. We promise a unique toy-buying experience, where customers can count on honesty, integrity, and a fun environment. We engage with the people and the environment that has us active in the community. The foundation of service, quality, expertise, and innovation upon which our family’s business thrived remains our promise as we do what we do best: finding new ways to bring high-quality experiences and smile's to your family from ours.

The Toys N' More Community

At Toys N' More, being a member of the community does not end at our welcoming neighborhood storefront. We want to know our neighbors and be a part of their lives as well becoming apart of theirs. We strive to impact our communities positively. We gather and share ideas with locals to expand our connection and growth.

The Toys N' More Difference

Walking through our store, you won’t find static shelves lined with bland boxes. Instead, you’ll see a boy riding around on an electric motorcycle pretending he’s winning the national championship, or a toddler connecting with our stuffed animal collection. You’ll hear noises of delight as a baby discovers their childhood friend, or a mom’s applause when her little boy smiles from guiding his first remote control car. Toys are out of boxes and in the hands of kids, where they can feel the textures of real materials, not just imagine them through a photograph. Many families find our store a destination, a place where they can bring their children to have an interactive adventure at the collaborative play stations. Parents are on the floor, reading books to their kids about new worlds, while in turn, seeing the world through their child’s eyes. Here at Toys N' More, we encourage kids (and adults) to do what they do best: learn through play.

Our unique approach focuses on education through play, where each product is hand selected to enrich children’s lives and develop life skills that extend beyond the playroom. Whether you’re shopping in one of our stores or online, our goal is to educate you about the products at hand. We’ll help you choose a toy that won’t last just a few weeks and get tossed aside, but instead is open-ended and future-building, where you’ll see your child go back to that toy again and again as he/she evolves.

We only feature the highest quality products that bring the highest value to you. You won’t see a toy on our shelves unless we’ve tested it first. We guarantee you will find not just the best quality products, but the kind of intimate shopping experience you’re looking for the whole time.

Shop Local, Even Online
We’re proud to say that Toys N' More is on a path to continue growing. Reinvesting in our Portland Metro area is important to us. But our modern toy-shopping experience doesn’t stop at our stores’ doorsteps. You can find the same “Shop Local” experience online, where our expertise is just a click away, and our commitment to you is on the top of our mind.

We promise never to change the way in which we do business because the authentic experience we dedicate to you is our number one priority. Our founder and our team at Toys N' More vow to offer only the best selection and service, to ensure you and your family never have to look far for a memorable and valuable toy shopping experience.